Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Too Bad, Stanford Cardinal

That was an ugly game for Stanford. They were very quickly shut down by Tennessee's defense (they were all over Candice Wiggins) and kept stealing the ball and blocking shots. This freaked Stanford out because offense is their strength, so they started taking shots too quickly and missing. Tennessee is a taller team than Stanford, too, so they would shoot and then get their own rebound more times than I can say. Towards the end of the game, Jayne Appel looked like she wanted to cry, and this may be what ultimately caused Stanford to lose the game: they lost their heart and gave up.

Doesn't mean they still didn't have a greater-than-anticipated season, and Candice still goes out with more trophies and awards than she expected. Doesn't mean Tara VanDerveer's not a good coach; it's a young team with some real talent, so they should do nothing but develop.

As for Pat Summit, sigh. She's like a pop song played over and over again until you're tired of hearing it. So you just want to say ...

Hahahaha! I'm sure I'll go to hell, but that sure felt good.

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