Monday, April 7, 2008

It'll Be Stanford Versus Tennessee

All I can say is, way to go, Stanford! UConn was the clear favorite but Stanford gave 'em more than they bargained for, winning 82-73. Tomorrow night's National Championship against the Tennessee Vols will be particularly sweet for me because ... well, because whenever I look at Pat Summit's face, I just want to smack her. (It's because Summit was rude to my partner once back when she worked operations at Stanford, and my partner won't abide divas demanding special treatment. 'Nuff said.)

Candice Wiggins had a great game, scoring 25 points, which isn't great for her, actually, but she had two key 3-pointers that changed the momentum of the game early in the 2nd half (although Stanford never was behind, if memory serves). Kayla Pedersen was a shining star, as was Jayne Appel (gawd, that's a tall gal), and J.J. Hones. Ah, hell, the whole team was awesome, moving the ball around the court and keeping the Huskies running. I think one of the commentators remarked that no team had scored over 80 points on UConn's defense all season, so the Cardinal rattled 'em fairly well.

I think Stanford has a great shot at beating Tennessee. The LSU Tigers played terribly (they couldn't sink a bucket if you paid them) yet almost won. The Vols managed to squeak in a basket with 7 seconds to go in a pathetically low-scoring game (what? was it 44-43?). Their star player, the "other Candace," has a hurt shoulder and shot very poorly. After their game, she quickly said her shoulder was just fine, but sorry. Every time her arms went up in the air, she was flinching and I don't think it was 'cause she missed the shot.

You can bet tomorrow I'll be parked in the front of the TV cheering my booty off. Fingers crossed! Here's a shot of a celebrating Candice Wiggins:


Hahn at Home said...

You two should come up and join me for a Monarch's game this season - it's addictive and the sightseeing isn't bad either!

Joyce said...

Cool! We may very well take you up on that.

Hahn at Home said...

It's not that far, you should. Check the schedule and see what looks good...let's book it!