Thursday, February 28, 2008

Somethinaboutlaura Runs Again This Saturday

Now, looky here, Jerry Hollendorfer. It seems to me that, when Somethinaboutlaura won her million bucks, you said the owners would sell her to be a broodmare after one final race she'd already been pointed at in the Sunshine Millions. It turned out she bombed in that race. Then y'all ran her again at Santa Anita a couple weeks ago, and she came in (if memory serves) third after setting the pace and then dueling to keep it. So now here you folks are, running her at Bay Meadows this weekend in the Foster City Handicap. Will you stop after this one? She's six years old, and I'm thinking enough's enough. If your owners are too greedy, can't you use your powers of persuasion to convince them now's the time to sell before she gets hurt?

Of course, I'm bound to put money on her anyway, because she's such a great mare. And perhaps it makes sense for "Da Dorf" to run her one last time at Bay Meadows because she's never lost a race at this track. It would be good to see her go out with a win. But her usual jockey, Russell "the Muscle" Baze, will be down south riding in the Santa Anita Handicap. Will that make a difference? Maybe not; I'm guessing Hollendorder will put Frank Alvarado aboard, and he's been doing very well for 'Dorf lately.

But please, after this one, will y'all let her retire from racing?

Especially since there was one helluva nasty breakdown (and crash) at Bay Meadows on Monday when the track was muddy. And another one the day before. Gawd. That day (Sunday), a groom of the horse that was put down was crying in the Paddock Bar about it. She wasn't drinking; she'd just come in from the barn. It was hard to watch.


Margo Moon said...

Very nice appeal, Joyce.

And thanks, from the hearts of all loving grooms, for mentioning the plight of those who spend their days and nights caring for animals whose safety, comfort and future they have no control over.

Joyce said...

The pisser is that she didn't win, she came in second. But apparently they now have no intentions of retiring her. Hollendorfer said in the Form that there are a few more races they're presently considering. Of course this means every time she runs, I'm going to be flinching.

I did see that same groom on Monday in front of a monitor cheering on another of her horses, so she's better now. :-)

There's a Derby prep at Bay Meadows this Saturday, the El Camino Real Derby. Interestingly, a number of Southern CA horses are going to run because Bay Meadows played up the fact that it's the only dirt track left in CA, and many are already wondering how these horses out here who fare well on synthetic track will transfer to the dirt at Churchill Downs. You can always ship your horse out of state, but it's easier to go a few hours north. :-) So some of the jockeys from the LA area will be here that day: Michael Baze, Aaron Gryder, Martin Garcia...and, oddly, Russell Baze is riding a Todd Pletcher horse.

Todd Pletcher can't even win the Derby when he's got five horses in the race. ;-)