Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Since It's Super Tuesday ...

Here's a brilliant, simply brilliant, blogpost on the sexism Hillary Clinton has, and is, enduring in her campaign, most alarmingly from so-called "progressive" men on the Left. You don't have to support her candidacy for President, but if you call yourself a feminist, you really ought to be alarmed. Click here.


Margo Moon said...

Yep, I agree. We haven't come all that far in some respects.

Including myself. My own sexism makes me really, really, really want to find a way to support Hillary. Can't do it.

Hi, Joyce!

Joyce said...

Hey Margo. I have been a horrible blogger lately. Just busy. Got a second job 'cause it's too damn expensive around here. :-) So something had to fall by the wayside, and it's been the bloggin' thang.

Eh. I like some things about Hillary; dislike other things; I like some things about Obama; dislike other things. For me they end up being pretty much even. Hillary's much more conservative than I want her to be, but I like her on health care better than Obama--her plan is fairer and more inclusive. She's better on foreign policy by leaps and bounds due to simple experience. Obama is green and sometimes naive in that dept. On the other hand, I hate it when Hillary won't just say she got suckered in by Bush and Company in supporting the Iraq War (duh! So did most of America!) and give kudos to Obama for being against the war from Day One instead of all the bending and twisting and shouting they're doing over that issue. I also wish Bill would sit down and shut up.

But I just hate it that Obama, who is no fool and, as the obvious wordsmith he is, chooses his words carefully, played into the role of the "superior male" by his patronizing, "Ohhhh, out come the claws!" remark about Hillary. In other words, she's a typical female looking to get into a catfight. Sneer, sneer, isn't he funny? No! It's profoundly offensive to me, because such a remark is sexist and it's patronizing. You can bet we'd all picket Hillary and protest in outrage (and rightly so) if she ever dared say something like, "Ohhhh, now he's gonna start tossing watermelons at me!"

I just think it's too bad that he can get away with that.

Sigh. But I suppose the real question is, which of the two can beat McCain in November? Since the superdelegates may very well end up deciding who actually gets the nomination, that could direct the way they vote. In the minds of many, Hillary is politically very close to McCain--so close that the Republicans say McCain has a better chance against her than he would Obama. By the same token, this also means that a lot of Hillary supporters who find Obama too far left may very well wind up voting for McCain. It could be a closer election than we think, despite the phenomenal momentum Obama is presently experiencing. Hard to not get excited by him. Hard, also, to not get a little frightened of him. :-)

Blah blah blah.....

And how are you?

Margo Moon said...

Yeah, I'm getting whiplash. Here's an article that about sums it up for me:

Doesn't solve the dilemma, though.

Doing well. Know what you're sayin' about life interfering with blogging. Hate that.