Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kentucky Derby Futures Bets

This weekend was the first pool, so I did three $2 bets on the Derby and two $2 bets on the Oaks. The Oaks was easy; I bet Indian Blessing and then any other filly not listed. My significant other didn't even bother with the Oaks! For the Derby, I bet War Pass since the morning line odds of 12-1 weren't bad; I guess people are thinking Street Sense was a fluke and the chances of another Breeder's Cup Juvey winner taking the Derby the next year are too slim. Still, he got bet down to 6-1. Fine. I'll take dem odds! I also bet Monba (16-1), just based on an article I read a week ago in Blood Horse, and Pyro, because ... well, because it's Steve Asmussen training him, and I liked how he won the Risen Star at Fairgrounds this past weekend. Apparently everybody else did too, because he got bet down to 5-1 in this pool. C'est la vie. Usually I'll toss in at least a California horse, but I'm reluctant to do that this year because they've been running on synthetic track, and who knows how they'll take to the dirt at Churchill Downs? But I may reconsider in the 2nd or 3rd pools.

My value seeking partner went with Court Vision (15-1) and Crown of Thorns (18-1). I did admit I may have bet horses who have already peaked. But ya never know.

Speaking of this past weekend at Fairgrounds, what a letdown. I did a $16 Pick 4, but I might as well have done a straight $1 bet. D'oh! Talk about chalk times four. I got it, but it's not worth getting excited about since it paid a mere $40. I wish some of my deeper horses had shown up.

Oh, well. Still better than losing, any day.

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