Monday, January 7, 2008

What's Driving Me Bonkers Today?

Two things, dear hearts. (1) God love him, Proud Patrolman is now a 10 year-old and we'd like to buy him so he can be retired from racing, but there's no way we can do that if the darn horse keeps doing so well! He raced Saturday and came in second. His owner won't sell him as long as he keeps that up, and we can't afford to claim him. On the other hand, my partner says perhaps retiring him isn't what the horse wants. He clearly loves to run, even if it's against somewhat shabby $4,000 claiming company. When he steps out onto the track to the sounds of "Call to Post," he does this cute little kick-up-his-heels thing, and you just know he's ready to go. My partner put $20 on him to win-place, and he paid $7.80 to place (per $2 bet), so it's hard to complain too much.

(2) Did anybody catch 60 Minutes last night? I couldn't believe Musharraf actually had the gall to sit there and say Benazir Bhutto was responsible for her own assassination. She shouldn't have stood up through the sunroof to wave to the crowd. Oh sure. And it's John F. Kennedy's fault for letting himself be driven through downtown Dallas, too! Then again, these are the folks who expect their women to wear burquas (or at the very least, be fully draped and wear a veil) because men can't control their sexual urges. If a woman is raped, it's her fault for provoking it. Let's remember this if Musharraf is ever assassinated. Hey, he should've just stayed indoors.


Margo Moon said...

Proud to know ya, for those last two sentences alone.

Hmmm. Wonder how a little chip-in from your blog/horse/animal friends would work in making up the difference between what you can pay and the claiming price? I'd be way up for a piece of that Proud Patrolman action. Just sayin'.

Joyce said...

Nice thought, but...wellllll....$4,000 is a lot of money. We can put up only $1,000 of it. I don't think I know enough people with enough spare change to raise $3,000, to be quite honest. We're just gonna sit tight, hope Proud Patrolman stays sound, and when he doesn't hit the board, make an offer to his owner.

Margo Moon said...

My opinion? Level the playing field by going back to hay, oats, and ice. No meds while racing. And stiffer veterinarian oversight. Also, a mandatory retirement age of 8. Also, no two-year-old racing. Heh.

And I try to envision peace on earth, too. That hasn't worked either. I have zero clout.