Thursday, January 17, 2008

On Reading the Daily News ...

So, there I was last night, happily ensconced in our beat-up old Barcalounger, devouring the Chronicle. The tiger mauling was the main headline once again--uh huh. Like I believe those kids weren't drunk and/or high and didn't taunt that tiger. You can be sure they did. On the other hand, the wall wasn't tall enough by regulation, so the zoo is at fault as well. Looks like it's going to be up to a jury or two to decide the percentages of culpability. What else is in the news? Oh, the steroid scandal. Seems as if everyone likes to point fingers at the Giants and Barry Bonds. Is it looking like Roger Clemons is going to slip through the cracks of deniability? And what's this I'm reading? Mary J. Blige took steroids, along with a list of other black musical artists? And why is Marion Jones getting a jail sentence when she's already admitted she lied and has forfeited her medals and records? (Oh right. Something about check fraud.) Where's all the hoopla over our white boys: Giambi, Canseco, McGuire?

Oddly (or maybe not so oddly), it's looking to me like it's the black folks who are getting the most scrutiny and getting the harsher penalties. Just saying.

Now what's this I'm reading? Prezinit Bush is offering Saudi Arabia $20 billion in U.S. military aid/arms? And lest he piss off the Israelis, he's saying they can have $30 billion in arms. Hey, maybe my partner shouldn't have divested her portfolio of defense stocks. But this is beside the point. Now see here, I was under the foolish impression that our esteemed Prezinit was visiting the Middle East on an avowed mission of peace. Instead he's over there offering to sell 'em arms.

I lowered the paper on that one, looked at my partner, and remarked: "This is like a mom saying to two five year-olds: 'Okay, boys, I don't want ANY fighting between you! And David, here's a machine gun for you, and Johnny, here's two for you.'"

No wonder even the Saudis think George W. Bush is a blathering idiot.


Hahn at Home said...

This is something that appears to be true - and, boy, get the media or the general white population to own up to it.

This will be one of the examples we discuss at dinner as I talk to my black children about identifying inequity in our so-called "colorless" society.

Did you ever notice it's the white people saying that?

Joyce said...

Well, it's just weird to me. I mean, nobody in the media even blinked when Danny Bonaduce admitted to injecting steroids. It just appears (to me anyway) that at least part of the reason the "steroid controversy" is such a newsworthy issue nowadays is in direct proportion to how much character assassination is involved. Bonaduce? Hard to wreck that boy's reputation. Mary J. Blige? On 'roids? That's a story.

Although if true, I'm gonna guess she wasn't taking synthetic testosterone. More likely it was an illegal fat burner or growth hormone being used as a fat burner. That stuff is reputed to simply torch abdominal fat.

Britney Spears needs a hookup....