Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa Caucuses: Scary or Not?

Well, I wasn't really surprised at the outcome of the Iowa caucuses at all. As I posted yesterday, I figured Barack Obama would do well since he's from a neighboring state. What's funny (both humorous and peculiar) is that Obama, Edwards, Clinton, AND Huckabee were all touting "Change, Change, Change!" so the press is screaming how the Iowa caucuses were all about change and how America is embracing change this election season.

Gimme a break! Iowa almost never predicts the actual outcome of the Presidential elections. In fact I remarked to my partner that Hillary probably isn't all that discouraged since her own husband was the third choice in Iowa his first time out, and he wound up winning twice.

The only real surprise is how close it was between Edwards and Clinton, so New Hampshire should prove interesting.

DISTURBING is the word for Mike Huckabee's win. Surprising, no. After all, let's remember that Pat Robertson came in second in that state when he ran. There's a huge evangelical base in Iowa. They came out for Huckabee in droves, approximately 6 evangelicals voting out of every 10 Republicans. Again, New Hampshire should be a better indicator of where America's heart lies--Romney and Guiliani should do better there.

If not, and if Mike Huckabee wins in New Hampshire, there goes genuine democracy in this country. He's already made clear his agenda: overturn Roe v. Wade, stop any legislation that gives gay people anything remotely approaching equal rights, appoint justices such as his hero Scalia to the Supreme Court, and don't allow federal courts to "interfere" when local courts approve legislation that violates the separation of church and state. Hello? Nothing against Christians, but we don't need zombie Jesus-bots taking over the country.

In the balance, more good news: Joe Biden's out. Blech. I never liked that guy.


Hahn at Home said...

But, the good news: Iowa is a surprisingly a historically split state. Check out for more on the process and how the Dems rallied. I'm an Iowan-bred and still keep in touch.

Joyce said...

Hi, Lori! Oh, I know how the caucuses work--did you see yesterday's post? I still remember the one I went to when I lived in Iowa City. Definitely Iowa's a split state (especially when Harkin ran :-)), in fact yesterday more Dems than Republicans turned out. BUT, it is also true that the results in Iowa don't necessarily match the results of the ultimate Presidential election/meaning, who ends up actually getting the nominations. I could live with Barack Obama; I shudder to think it could ever possibly be Mike Huckabee. (Then again, if it were, that might draw out frightened Democrats in droves. Ha.) ;-)

Hahn at Home said...

I just now saw yesterday's post! Sorry! And the fact you lived in Iowa City. I loved Red Hog's description of the process and how his daughter (newly minted voter) ended up as the delegate for their precinct. That's kind of cool.

I think we can all hope together that Huckabee does not maintain this momentum into New Hampshire.

How did you like those winters?

Joyce said...

Ha! Definitely the coldest winters I've ever experienced. One year in particular there was a week-long cold snap. My ancient Chevette (first car) froze up and wouldn't start for a week, so I finally had to have it towed in and defrosted. Someone had to explain to me the Iowa concept of "winterization," meaning "you need to do more than pour Prestone into your radiator!" Several people I knew from work actually owned block warmers, something I'd never even heard of until then. With the wind chill, the temps were well below zero, and if you stepped outside for just a couple seconds, your cheeks would start to freeze. Everybody was all bundled up like Ralphie's kid brother in A Christmas Story.