Monday, December 17, 2007

Survivor: China

I haven't posted much about Survivor this season because I got bored with it early on, but I have actually managed to see all the episodes. Not too surprisingly, the alliance of Todd-Amanda-Courtney-Denise made it to the final four, although Denise blundered by not allying with Pei Gee, guaranteeing herself a spot in the final three. Denise stuck to her word (no one else ever does in this game) and, I suppose, was hoping she'd win immunity; her ethical play would then win her the game. Wrong. You'd think she'd know "the good guy" hardly ever wins Survivor.

I actually thought when Amanda won immunity, she'd win the game because Courtney irritated a lot of people and Todd was known as a slippery snake. Amanda flew pretty much under the radar and even won immunity twice through her own smarts and athleticism. She deserved to win. But she blew it during the final Tribal Council. Maybe it was just nerves, but I've never seen anyone so inarticulate. She couldn't really give a good reason why she should win over the other two; unlike the other two, when invited by Jaime to criticize them, she found her tongue and blasted the other two, and they did not repay her in kind; and when asked what was the riskiest thing she'd done in the game, she admitted that it had been her idea to vote out James. Eric pointed out that wasn't so risky, so her answer didn't impress, AND it lost her James's vote.

So who won? Todd, of course. Being good at scheming and manipulating makes for a winner in Survivor. He is also very well spoken. He got all the votes, except 1 went to Amanda and 2 went to Courtney.

There's one other thing worth commenting on, and that's Denise. Despite her mullet, I had kind of wound up liking her somewhat just because she was the underdog and really wasn't backstabbing anybody. But then things fell apart for her a bit in the last episode. When it was clear she was probably going to be voted out, she got pouty and whiney. I disliked how she tried to guilt trip Amanda into voting out Todd. "You guys have your whole lives in front of you, and what do I have? I have to go back to my seven-dollar-an-hour job as the school lunch lady." I just think "Poor Me" isn't a good reason to win a game. Besides all that, Denise has a husband and kids (or at least one kid anyway), so what was that all about? I wonder how they feel about her "I've got nothing" speech.

But then it turned out that when Denise got home, the school wouldn't give her her old job back (the fact that she'd been on Survivor would be "too distracting" for the kids). So they gave her a job as a janitor working after hours, so Denise hasn't been able to see much of her family. You could say her life's worse now because of Survivor.

So, what did producer Mark Burnett decide to do on the spur of the moment? He gave $50,000 to Denise to help her get back on her feet. Nice of Burnett; and good for Denise; but ... I have to wonder how all the other competitors feel about it.

Oh, well. February sees a new season (the 16th! Holy cow!) and it could be a good one. Apparently it'll be Survivor "Super Fans" taking on a team of Survivor "All Stars." As long as I don't have to see Johnny Fairplay or Rob and Am-buh, I'll be happy.

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jan said...

I finally watched it last night (I couldn't watch it Sunday night and didn't have the time since) and I agree, Amanda should have won and, frankly, deserved to win. Courtney did crack me up, though. Todd was, as you said, much more well-spoken and quite quick on his feet with the answers - especially the way he sucked up to Jean-Robert! Amanda just looked depressed and had no good answers. Oh, well - looking forward to seeing the former players in the next season, no matter who they are.