Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sea Lion Visits San Carlos

My partner called me yesterday afternoon and said, "So did you see that a sea lion was blocking traffic in San Carlos?" Naturally I figured she was pulling my leg. "Oh sure. And a rhinoceros was one block over!" "No, seriously," she said. "Look online at the Mercury News."

So I did, and she was right. Yes, a baby sea lion somehow managed to work its way up through a slough from San Francisco Bay (San Carlos is just south of where I live--the gym where I work out is in San Carlos, just off Old County Road, which, it turns out, was the street the sea lion was blocking). Now, there are deer that run around here all the time, especially up in the hills--if I go running, say, in Pulgas Ridge, I'll sometimes see whole herds of deer. When I used to live up on Winding Way in San Carlos, there was actually a six-point buck who camped out in our backyard for a couple of weeks. So, spotting a deer running around San Carlos is no big deal.

However, a sea lion is a different matter! Unheard of 'til now.

Well, fortunately, they caught the little guy and transported him to the Marine Mammal Center, where they'll keep him 'til they know he's fine and can fend for himself. Then they'll release him. Here's hoping he makes his way over to Pier 39 and shares his story with all his pals.

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