Saturday, November 10, 2007

Proud Patrolman

One of my favorite horses is a 9 year-old gelding named Proud Patrolman. He's only a $4,000 claimer, but boy, does that horse have a huge heart. He runs only in the Bay Area (Bay Meadows, Golden Gate, and the summer fairs), but he almost always hits the board. Out of 66 races in his lifetime, he's won 15, placed 12, and showed 15. One of these days, I'm gonna buy that horse and retire him. He deserves it.

He races today at Golden Gate in the 5th, and he actually stands a good chance to win. Local DRF handicapper Chuck Dybdal even likes him to win. Let's wish him luck. I'll be watching the race from the Turf Club.

UPDATE: I couldn't believe he didn't go off as the favorite. Proud Patrolman went off at odds of 7-1, so I was naturally all over that! LOL He closed well, firing up the lane, beating the favorite by a nose: a true photo finish. That totally made my day. Way to go, big guy. Paid $15 on a $2 bet.


Margo Moon said...

Best luck to Proud Patrolman. Hope that dream of retiring him comes true.

Joyce said...

One of these days ... that is, if his owner/trainer will ever part with him.

Margo Moon said...

My Proud Patrolman was named Broadway Chief. This post had me thinking of him so much yesterday. He was an older gelding, too, who ran near the bottom. But goddess, could that boy give you a thrilling race. Loved to hit the top of Churchill's stretch dead last and just pour it on. I groomed him for a couple of years and would have loved giving him his final home. He had it good, though, so no worries.

Congrats to Proud Patrolman on yesterday. (But, you know, hitting the board is only going to prolong his retirement date)

Good luck, Triple Secs.

Joyce said...

I know--it's a mixed blessing for sure, especially since his owner also happens to be his trainer. Proud Patrolman has been claimed from him before and he likes the old guy enough to claim him back. So I doubt very seriously he'll sell him any time soon. We'd have to claim him for $4,000, and right now I don't have that kind of money. Also can't afford to pay board for him, so I'd have to find a place that would take him. A friend who has a lot of California connections is trying to find him a home and as soon as that happens, we'll be on the lookout to snatch him if we can raise the money.

I'm glad Broadway Chief's story has a happy ending. :)

Jessica said...

Hi Joyce,
Just thought I would share a story.. I am from the east coast originally where I owned a sweet OTTB named My Miracle Man. Thoroughbreds have always been my favorite and I will always have a special place in my heart for all OTTBs. Many years later I am now living in the SF Bay area and still loving OTTBs. I can't afford my own horse now but by word of mouth was connected with a woman who owns two OTTB. I called her hoping to be able to lend a hand with her horses. She agreed to let me work with her horses, mentioning her gelding would love some extra attention. I have for the last few months been working with him. Today I decided to look on the internet for some photos of him in his racing days. When I googled his name I came across your blog. I thought I would give you a little update on Proud Patrolman and let you know he is enjoying his retirement and he still has the same big heart that he had when he was racing! If you have any photos of him from his racing days I would love to see them! -Jess

Joyce said...

Oh, I'm so glad! The last thing I knew Andy had said he wanted to keep him, so I thought that was the end of that... always wondered where he wound up. We had a special "Fans of Proud Patrolman" day for him at Bay Meadows once, so there are bound to be photos around on a CD somewhere. I'll have to look. Is there a way to contact you? My email is