Monday, November 26, 2007

Pets, Not Partners

From Inside Higher Education:
When trustees of Palm Beach Community College reached a tie vote in August on a proposal to offer health insurance for the domestic partners of employees, the measure failed and advocates for gay professors and other employees were disappointed. Because the college only pays for employees’ benefits, the proposal wouldn’t have cost the college a penny, but would have opened up quality insurance at a lower cost for the partners of gay and lesbian employees.

Now — in a move that is seen as adding salt to those wounds — the college has added a new health insurance benefit for some (unmarried) household members of employees: pet health insurance.
It gets worse. Read on:
“Your pet is a member of your family — his quality of life is important to you,” says the promotional material from the veterinary insurance company.
Allrighty, then. Your CAT or your DOG is a member of your family, but your PARTNER is not, no matter how long you've lived together, no matter what your commitment to each other, and nope, not even if you're registered as domestic partners.

Well, this is just one more example of why it is we keep saying domestic partnerships and civil unions really aren't equal to marriage.

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