Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lusty Linda: Rape Ain't Funny, Fellas

Anybody seen this thing?

Well, with good reason, this "Lusty Linda" pencilholder is provoking the ire of feminist bloggers like Shakes and Jessica. Oh, for sure, when I first glanced at it, I merely shook my head ("Those silly boys! Such children!") but then I saw on the packaging that Linda has 8 "lusty sayings" and upon investigation ... well, the "harmless, funny joke" gets a bit more lethal.

Hating women isn't funny. And rape ain't funny, fellas.

Apparently Linda's "lusty" sayings are divided into a "good mood" category (you know, if she's been good, and you're in a good mood) and a "bad mood" category (you know, if you're feeling frustrated, like when some chick pisses you off). The user can switch Linda to the "bad mood" category, plunge his pencil in, and listen to Linda yelp, "Ow!" or "Help! Help!"

HAHAHAHAHA! That's soooooo funny. Not.

Some things simply don't belong in jokes. It's not funny, for instance, to hang a bunch of nooses in a tree as happened in Jena, LA. It's not funny to paint swastikas on a synagogue. And it's not funny to joke about rape. (Think about it: bad mood--sticking it to a girl--she yells "Help! Help!" That's rape.)

Here's one gadget that definitely needs to go into the trash.

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