Saturday, November 3, 2007

Good Day for Russell Baze

Frankly, I don't care for Russell Baze. It has nothing to do with him personally. But they don't call it "Baze Meadows" for no reason. He's always messing up the odds.

Even the worst horse in the bunch, it seems, stands a good chance at winning if Baze is aboard. So the odds always get skewed and the best horse doesn't win. If you're doing a Pick 3, 4, or 6, you always have to factor in Russell Baze. It makes for expensive tickets that really don't pay out that much.

But that's only at Bay Meadows or Golden Gate. Russell normally doesn't do much at any other track (so he's known as being a big fish in a small pond.)

Today, Russell Baze showed himself to be a truly great jockey anyway, 'cause I bet against him, figuring any fool can win up north in California. He had two mounts down south in the California Cup and won on both of them.

Good on you, Russell Baze!

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