Friday, November 16, 2007

Barry Asterisk Bonds

I think we all know that Barry Bonds wasn't swallowing flaxseed oil or rubbing arthritis cream onto his body, and I'm pretty sure most of us agree he was aware of that as well. Looks like it's been decided that there's enough evidence to prosecute him for perjury and obstruction of justice, despite the fact that Greg Anderson never did open his mouth to tattle on his buddy. Probably Barry will plea out and serve a short prison term (hey, maybe George Bush will pardon him!) But here's what a friend and I were agreeing on this morning: the powers that be made Marion Jones give her Olympic medals back; so in all fairness, Barry Bonds' accomplishments post-1998 need to be expunged from the record books.

Hank Aaron, you're still the man.


Mise En Garde said...

I suspect that Barry will be able to beat the perjury rap. Its very hard to prove. But he might not be able to walk away from obstruction of justice which doesn't take much to prove. I seriously doubt that he will plead to anything. He will most certainly hire a army of lawyers and fight tooth and nail. I agree wholeheartedly with you - Hank Aaron wil always be da man. He did it without creams, gels, human growth hormones,milkshakes or cocktails. Hank was the real deal.

Joyce said...

Hmmm. But there's a heckuva lot of evidence against him, although I suppose it's all circumstantial. They really need Greg Anderson to say Bonds knew that what he was being given was steroids, growth hormone, etc. I suppose that Barry, stubborn fella that he is, may indeed not have the sense to plea out. He has that money, and that arrogance. Most anybody who has followed the controversy has already decided his guilt (except for diehard Giants fans who just don't want to believe their Barry can do anything wrong.) If it goes to trial, it will be hard to find an impartial jury! LOL