Saturday, October 13, 2007

There She Goes! Somethinaboutlaura

I've blogged about this horse before, when she was up against a field of boys but got scratched by the track vet just before the race. She's an awesome girl, and today she met (granted) a small field of fillies and mares. Still, Somethinaboutlaura's chief rival was no weakling by any means, Victorina, whose connections alone make you stand up and take notice (Greg Gilchrist and Harry Aleo, both of whom were at the track today, Aleo in his trademark white cowboy hat) saddling their filly.) If you don't know, Gilchrist-Aleo owned/trained Lost in the Fog, and are presently running Smokey Stover, a contender in the Breeder's Cup Sprint this year. These two place their horses well. It's hard to bet against them.

So ... I convinced my workout partner, T, to take us to the track to see this race, since my partner was working, because I just love Somethinaboutlaura (a Hollendorfer trained horse), who seems to own the track at Bay Meadows. I found it interesting that Russell Baze hopped off Laura to hop on Victorina, and I figured those two would get into a mighty duel. That's the kind of thing you need to see in front of you, hearing those thundering hooves, if you can. Simulcast or TVG don't cut it.

Well, those two girls didn't duel after all. Somethinaboutlaura wired the field, dueling briefly with the 6 horse. Baze shot up at the end to try and overtake her in the final furlong, but it was no contest. She kicked Victorina's butt anyway. Sheer athleticism won the race, not strategy.

Still, I figured it would wind up being those two at the end, and the odds were something like 4-5 and 6-5, hardly worth an exacta box, so the trick was picking the third horse. I landed on the Miyadi/Campos trainer-jockey combo. Miyadi usually won't run a horse unless it has a chance; he tends to use apprentice jockeys for the weight break. Campos wins quite a bit. At 36-1, it was a good risk to complete the trifecta.

I was right, and it paid $9.50 on the dollar, not a bad bet. I wish I'd put more than $2 down. But that's what I get for being cheap. :-)


Margo Moon said...

Hi. Happy your filly did well. I'm rather fond of Dreaming of Anna and was disappointed for her last weekend when Bit of Whimsey got her in the last few jumps of the Queen Elizabeth. Bottom line, though, any race where everybody comes out healthy is a good race.

Did you know John Henry? I saw him last year and swear to the goddess he was holding together and moving so well. I'll be at his memorial service Friday afternoon. What a boy.

Okay, out of here. Take care, Triple Secs!

Joyce said...

Never saw him up close and personal, but John Henry was a great horse. Dreaming of Anna was a disappointment--wasn't she one of the "Awesome 1's" who won on that raked rail at the Breeder's Cup last year? ;-) 'Course, so did Street Sense, and he went on to win the Derby, so you can't say it was all due to the fast PP 1.

The horse that really seems to be disappointing everybody is The Green Monkey.

See ya, Cowgirl!

Margo Moon said...

Poor The Green Monkey had way too much expectation to carry on his young shoulders. I just hope he has a kindly groom who doesn't treat him any differently now that he hasn't panned out, so to speak.

Joyce said...

Indeed. But Seabiscuit didn't bloom until later in his career, and a horse with more heart couldn't be wished for.

So who do you like in the Breeder's Cup races this year? Maybe I'll 'cap dem races and post picks a couple days beforehand. You and I can make a couple little side wagers. ;-)