Friday, October 19, 2007

Survivor: China

Well, at least last night's episode wasn't predictable. There was a change-up: each tribe got to pick the two members they wanted from the other team, so James and Aaron got chosen to join Zhan Hu, while Frosti and Sherea went over to Fei Long.

But then things turned ridiculous. Jaime managed to take a tumble down my ladder of esteem. This is because she and Peih-Gee decided to throw the immunity challenge. Why? 'Cause they figure they're set to at least make it to the merge, and the more original Zhan Hu players there are left, the better. They deliberately threw the challenge so they could eliminate one of their new tribemates. I think this is colossally unsportsmanlike, aside from the fact that they sucked trying to pull off their huge ruse. Instead of pretending to figure out the puzzle, they just sort of stood there and giggled. Jeff Probst looked entirely unamused.

Thus, Aaron got booted first. You'd think James because of his beefiness, but the rationale was that Aaron, as the former "leader" of Fei Long, probably had made more alliances and posed the greater long-term threat. But unless something in the game changes, we can expect that James will be kicked off next week.

Doesn't make for interesting television, so I'm sure the Survivor puppet masters will throw another twist or two into the next episode to try and nip this strategy in the bud.

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