Friday, October 5, 2007

Survivor: China

I can't say that anything that happened on Survivor last night was a surprise. As suspected, Todd waved his magic wand behind the scenes, so Leslie was the first to go in his tribe. It would've been Courtney after her particularly pathetic showing in the immunity challenge--she was so weak she couldn't even raise her arm with a machete in it. She had to saw through ropes instead of chopping through them. But, as Todd pointed out to his allies, Courtney is one you want to keep in the game because if she makes it to the end, she can't perform in any of the challenges against you. So now Todd's sitting pretty as the only one on his side who knows there's a hidden immunity idol in their camp. He's conniving, no doubt about it.

But I think he's wrong about Courtney. She needs to seriously eat--she DOES look anorexic; did from the first day. Now she's just skin and bones. She is not going to last much longer and is a genuine liability in their challenges.

Of course, at this point, I'm still rooting for the other team since they're the underdog (I like Jaime and Frosti). I think Dave is rather losing it; how'd ya like his "psy-ops" by getting naked for the reward challenge? Didn't seem to work so well, though, as the guys on the opposing team had no problem grabbing him in all his grand nekkidity and throwing him in the water. It was awesome that the women carried the show, heaving even hefty ole Mullet Lady, Denise, into the sea.

Denise kinda reminds me of Sue Hawk. On any other day, you'd swear she was a lesbian. But she's been married to some guy for 16 years. Go figure. Even gaydar's not foolproof.

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