Friday, October 26, 2007

Breeder's Cup, Day Two

These are picks that are off-the-cuff, from the night before race day, and so a caveat: All are subject to change, depending on how the track is playing. And a reminder: I sucked on Day One, not winning a single thing.

I will still stand by two picks I made days ago: Smokey Stover and Nashoba's Key. I feel pretty good about Smokey's love of mud, and I'll root for a Carla Gaines horse any day in a field of fillies and mares.

So here goes, picking winners only (not a Pick 6):

Juvey Fillies: Indian Blessing

Juvenile: Tale of Ekati

FIlly and Mare Turf: Nashoba's Key

Sprint: Smokey Stover

Mile: Excellent Art

Distaff: Hystericalady or Lear's Princess

Turf: Dylan Thomas or English Channel

Classic: All! Just kidding. If I had to choose one ... I can't. Street Sense, and in that mud? Hard Spun.

I wasn't kidding about random dime superfectas. Pick two favorites and two longshots and box 'em for a dime for each race, folks. It's a mere $2.40 bet. If it hits, it'll pay for your day. Good luck, y'all.


Margo Moon said...

Okay, just watched English Channel dominate on that sponge of a track. Beautiful, yes?

Did want a better day for Dylan Thomas, though.

Margo Moon said...

Firmly behind Lawyer Ron. Won't hurt my feelings if Street Sense or Hard Spun wins, but I just see Lawyer Ron getting it done.

Hey, Triple Secs, we are about $200 ahead on the day, thanks to dlp's hunch on Cobalt Blue in an early race.

Hope you hit some big payoffs!

Margo Moon said...


That athletic boy.

dlp's favorite since his early races. She loaded up on him and has been in the smilin' line all day.

Take care!

Joyce said...

I did read DRF's clocker report and the fella wrote that Curlin had really filled out since the Kentucky Derby and is super muscular. I was rooting for Hard Spun since I was alive to the Pick 4, and I'd selected Hard Spun, Street Sense and Lawyer Ron (that was a nod to you) but Curlin was so awesome winning that I couldn't feel bummed about it.

Besides, I did hit the early Pick 4 and a couple of wins and one superfecta (dime super paid $118). The Pick 4 paid $1,032. My partner also did well. We made about $1500 yesterday and promptly gave $200 of it away tipping all of our friends who work at Bay Meadows.

That would include the bartender, so kept pouring and handing me free Cape Cods. I'm a little hungover today. LOL

Joyce said...

That would be SHE kept pouring ...

Margo Moon said...

Good on you! $1500 is a good day's work. And, yeah, it was easy to let go of my original choice after seeing that athletic boy Curlin make his beautiful move.

May George Washington rest in peace.

Joyce said...

They should've never run that poor horse--he's a turf horse anyway. Why bring him out of retirement and stick him on a muddy dirt track? Oh, well, it doesn't do much good to second guess the owner and trainer, but there are some folks wondering about their motives, including me. Sigh. It's this sort of thing that takes the fun out of horse racing.