Friday, October 26, 2007

BC Doubles

These are a fun little play and new, since this is the first time the Breeder's Cup races are taking place over two days instead of one.

You could do a Filly Sprint/Sprint double, so I picked Dream Rush and my hometown fave, Smokey Stover.

And you could do a Mile/Turf Mile double, so I picked Discreet Cat or Lewis Michael with Excellent Art.

The only problem with the Breeder's Cup going on all day is that they commence tomorrow at the crack of dawn! Okay, not the crack of dawn, but let's just say even Bay Meadows is opening its doors at 7:30am. I don't think the first Breeder's Cup race is until 9:30 or thereabouts, but I'll probably get up early, have breakfast, and walk to the track (it's about a half hour on foot). This way I can get in a little exercise and meet up with my partner later (she has to be at work truly at the crack of dawn).

They're having a fun giveaway at Bay Meadows tomorrow, a drawing for a big screen TV (not that I really need one, but still). You select a horse to win the Classic and throw your entry form in the box. At 1:30, they'll draw from the box and keep drawing until they've got an entry for each horse in the field. If your entry is selected and your horse wins the Classic, you get the TV. So for this, you don't want to be picking Curlin or Lawyer Ron or Street Sense because everyone else under the sun will. I'm thinking I'll go with Tiago since he does have a little shot.

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