Monday, September 10, 2007

Well, Knock Us Over with a Feather!

General Petraeus says the surge is working. Dang! Did y'all see that one coming?


Spokane Al said...

I debated whether or not to comment on this post in that I found your words offensive and troublesome. Your words, to me at least, imply very strongly that General Petraeus is a liar and as the commander of forces in Iraq, is unable to formulate his own conclusions. This general is a guardian of our freedoms with a lifelong calling of service to his country. He knows the enemy and he knows our limitations. He is telling the truth. The fact that you disagree does not make him a liar.

Joyce said...

Al, nowhere in that post did I call the General a liar. All I said was exactly what I said: that I was in no way surprised to hear his conclusions that we, essentially, stay the course in Iraq.

I'm sure he believes in what he's saying, although I find it interesting that Colin Powell obviously no longer believes in what he once stated to the United Nations.

I think Petraeus evaluating the situation in Iraq, when his own job and reputation are at stake (and given this Administration's track record of replacing those who disagree with the Admin's policy) does, in fact, render him not exactly objective. It's rather like me asking one of my students to grade his own paper. Even if it's shoddy work, he'll not say it is. He might in fact think it's a masterpiece. I wouldn't call him a liar. I'd simply call him mistaken.

I'd thank you to not put words in my mouth.