Friday, September 28, 2007

Survivor: China

Oh, it ain't right! Dey done kicked off my Ashley already!

Oh, well. Dave's days are numbered. Now that his punching bag Ashley is gone, he'll have to choose someone else to pick on or else the rest of the group will have to take his orders without question. I can't see that happening since several of the group seem to already be tiring of him. That's the problem with hopping up to the "leader" plate at your first at bat. I think the thing that irritated me most about him was his refusing to let the group make even a small fire, just a temporary flame, to cook some rice so they'd have food in their bellies and strength for the reward challenge that afternoon. Nope. He wouldn't let 'em. So they lost. And then how pathetic was he during the immunity challenge? He totally tanked, dropped the pole, lost the challenge for them.

Ironies abound. I found myself feeling a little sorry for the Christian Talk Show Radio Host, Leslie, this week. This is because she chose to ally herself with Todd, the little gay boy (huh? Is she blind? Or truly open-minded?) when he already had an alliance and has absolutely zero intention of being loyal to her. He'd just love to see her get the boot because then he'd be the only one to know about the hidden immunity idol! Talk about picking the wrong ally--he'll probably marshall his troops to have her kicked off first chance he gets. And then there's poor Leslie, thanking the good Lord for His providence by having her be the one chosen to be told about the hidden immunity idol in the first place, when the real reason she was told was that she was perceived by Jaime (of the opposing team) to be the team's weakest link. Jaime admits she gave Leslie the idol to increase Leslie's chances of staying in the game, thereby wrecking things for Leslie's team. Arrrgh! The irony of that ... and then add that to last week's scene in which Leslie refused to "bow down to a false idol," and ... it's so perfect it's almost poetic.

Courtney needs to eat some food; she entered the game scrawny as it was. I'm seeing bone sticking out all over already, and they're only in the first week. I don't understand people who enter this game underweight. If I were competing on Survivor, I'd do like Gretchen did in the first season and try and put on as much bodyfat as I could prior to the start (without getting obese) so I'd have some fat reserves to burn rather than eating up all my own muscle. It's really hard, especially for a woman, to put muscle back on once it's gone.

Speaking of muscle, James is seriously a big, buff dude. Then again, I suppose being a gravedigger is hard work. Leslie would've been wiser to tell him about the immunity idol, not Todd.

I'm liking Frosti, too. He's quite gung-ho and steps up for his team in all the challenges, which is impressive for the youngest Survivor to compete ever. Then again, I did read that he is a practioner of free-running and Parkour. (According to the Survivor webpage at, Parkour is essentially making the environment into an obstacle course. Through running, jumping, or climbing, all obstacles can be overcome and all destinations are reachable. Free-running takes the movements of Parkour and adds style and flair. Think along the lines of urban gymnastics and building break dancing). Well. That explains why he literally threw himself--I wouldn't even say leaped--at the wall during the challenge last week. He looks pretty fearless.

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