Sunday, September 23, 2007

Survivor: China

Sorry about the belated post; Friday and Saturday were busy days for me. But here's my take so far on the new season of Survivor.


He was already driving me apeshit. Fellow Virginian or not, he struck me as a petty, mean-spirited, whiny coward. When asked directly for his input on things, he refused to say--I suppose because he didn't want to take a leadership role. Perhaps that's for the best, though, since he showed profoundly poor judgement in wanting to kick off Ashley, the female wrestler, for the reason that she got sick one day and couldn't help out around camp. Good grief. She got well, and then participated in the immunity challenge just fine, and I'd say as a wrestler, she's probably one of the more fit and athletic females competing. Seriously, what's not to like:

Two other Survivors who made a poor initial impression were Courtney, the waitress from New York, and Leslie, the Christian Talk Radio Host. Courtney because she's a snot, bitching about how provincial her tribe members are when she's from the All-Great-And-Powerful New York City. And Leslie, because even though she was told the Buddhist ritual was a welcoming ceremony and not religious or devotional in nature, for walking out on the monks anyway, claiming it "felt" like worshipping another God to her. That's just rude and disrespectful. Atheists and agnostics stand quietly through prayers all the time at weddings, funerals, you name it. Athletes stand quietly through other countries' national anthems all the time; doesn't mean they're traitorous. Get over yourself, lady.

Finally, somebody needs to tell Denise to get rid of the mullet.

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