Friday, September 7, 2007

Seven Beer Wonders of the World

Anybody who knows me well knows that although I may purport to be a big ol' jock, I'm actually a big ol' lush in disguise. I like just about any kind of alcohol except for gin, and I'll even put up with that if it comes in a Long Island or a Black Opal. I'll go through certain phases, too, in much the same way I'll go through author phases (reading everything by Woolf, or Patricia Cornwell ... the sublime to the ridiculous). On tap for tonight are a couple of snakebites (that's cider and lager mixed).

For the beer lovers who read this blog, here's an article that tells of seven beer wonders of the world, including a chocolate beer, a beer brewed for dogs, a nitrous oxide beer (laughing beer), and bilk (a Japanese beer made with milk). Cheers!

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