Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Return to Trail Running and Working Out

Whoooohooooo! I never did find a good place to go trail running in Spokane unless it was somewhere along the Centennial Trail, and then I kept reading about car break-ins at the trailheads. Ix-nay on that! I'm glad to be back in the Bay Area, where trails abound and they are in deserted enough places that people leave your doggone car alone. But wow, have I lost some serious cardiovascular fitness. An @5K loop I used to run with regularity is now impossible for me to do without stopping to catch my breath. The first half mile is flat, and then the next mile is a steady uphill, so that's probably why. I've run it twice so far since I've been back, and I did markedly better the second time, so I have no doubt I'll be able to do it without stopping in no time.

As for lifting weights, it's wonderful to be back working out at my old gym with my old workout partner, T. We used to be pretty hardcore and hit the weights 6 times a week. So far I'm looking at more like 4 or maybe 5, depending on weekends (this weekend my S.O's cousin is getting married, so I will be attending that shindig in the East Bay. Aside: her family knows how to party! LOL I hope I can lift my head on Sunday, much less lift a dumbbell.) T and I used to bench about 95 lbs with regularity (my heaviest lift was 105 for 10 reps), and yesterday all we could manage was 75. So our work is cut out for us here as well. Never fear--thank the goddess for "muscle memory."

I must admit it was pretty hilarious walking into the gym with T last week during our old workout time. People kept coming up to us to say hi! They hadn't seen us in forever! (That's because T started working out in the mornings after I moved to Spokane, instead of at 5pm.) Gawd, it was almost like a reunion. And after half a dozen people came up to say hello, it dawned on me: I used to know more people in that gym alone than I ever actually met and came to know in all of Spokane. So ... was it me? Was it them? More likely, it was a mix of both.

One thing I am bummed about is that I threw my back out and couldn't do Bloomsday while I was there. Oh well, there are many race t-shirts to be had down here. Just gotta be careful I don't step on a banana slug.

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