Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Racing to the Altar

Tomorrow, it seems, will be another big day for my partner and me. We've already "married," so to speak, having flown to Vermont for a civil union in April 2006. Alas, a Vermont civil union is recognized in only Vermont, so now that we're in California, for me to be added to her health insurance, we must pony up yet more dollars to register as domestic partners in this state. (Note to people against gay marriage: this is just one of the many ways we are discriminated against. There are over 1,000 Federal laws that heterosexuals enjoy for free without even having to think about them ... certain protections, tax breaks, privileges, the fact that your marriage in one state will be recognized by another state, and the list goes on.)

Having moved back here and into a brand new job, my partner has been swamped with work and has been, most days, putting in an average of 15 hours until she can hire an assistant. Tomorrow, though, having not had a whole day off since we moved here (and tomorrow won't count either, since she's working in the morning) she is putting her foot down! After work, she's hooking up with me to see a notary to formalize our commitment to each other yet again, and then we are going to da races, people! LOL

I am so looking forward to her company. Last night was typical; I was in bed dozing off with a book when she got home, and this morning I woke up to her kissing me good-bye. It's been a bit weird, and I'll be glad when this is over. But after all this work, she needs to unwind, to relax, and the races do that for her. We sit in our box across from the finish line, feel the sun on our faces, have a couple of beers and a hot dog, and bet a couple bucks on each race. Live racing is so much better than simulcast. You can go to the paddock and look at the horses closely if you like; you can smell the horses, the sweat, the hay, even the droppings; hear the horses snort, hear the men yelling when they put the horses in the gate; hear the track announcer call the race in real time instead of getting it on a slight delay. And we're friends with everybody at that track--in fact, tomorrow I'm taking a book to lend to Michelle, the bartender at the Paddock Bar. Who knew she was a big reader? Her favorite is William Faulkner.

After the races, I expect we'll go get dinner somewhere to celebrate our commitment to each other. Wish us luck. ;-)

P.S. I'm rooting for Like A Tiger in the 7th.

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