Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Britney Spears, Tsk

I didn't catch her MTV Awards appearance, but I saw enough snippets on various news segments today that I'd agree: yup, she sucked. Her comeback came back too soon. The girl needs practice and a good dose of new confidence. However, let's be real. "Fat"? They're saying she's fat?! Honey, that girl is not fat. Sure, she's gained some weight; we're used to washboard abs on her. But she's hardly fat. Looks like some visceral fat's been added, which is common with alcohol and drug abuse, along with poor eating habits. And excuse me, even if she may be a questionable mommy, didn't she have a baby as well? It's not like she's got love handles, cellulite all over her thighs, and a jiggling, wavy ass. Most women would love to have that body. So, shut up already, catty people, unless you think you look better.

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