Thursday, August 2, 2007

Message to Myself-Melissa Etheridge

Here's Melissa's new single and video. I'm glad she's happy, but she's definitely lost her edge, and in my opinion, that's what made her good. This isn't rock; it's perky pop-pop-pop ... blow a bubble ... POP! The Partridge Family could've done this.


rhondda said...

hey, i loved the Partridge Family! swooned over David Cassidy. ;-) "I Think I Love You" - OMG!

anyway, a few things (you know i'd pipe up here)...

1) the PF didn't write their own songs, sing them OR play their instruments - aside from DC, i believe, who did play and sing (maybe Shirley did, too, but i know Susan, Danny, et al. did not).

2) it's just the first single! Imagine That or An Unexpected Rain would have been edgier, for sure, but neither of them probably would have received much air play (Rain is almost 7 minutes long), and the goal of the first single is to at least to get the album HEARD (she's not U2; she needs all the help she can get to get played on terrestrial radio).

3) Pop is just fine...they are at least playing the song on Triple A radio (i've heard it several times on KFOG already - hey, it's playing right now!) and it's been released to Hot AC stations, too (i.e. Alice in SF).

4) don'tcha like the video? :-)

Joyce said...

Well, I didn't mean to say the Partridge Family are better artists; I just meant this sounds like a song they would've covered. :-)

It's just not "Bring Me Some Water."

Tammy's cute, as are the twins.