Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Whew, Am I Exhausted (Part Two)

We've been back in the Bay Area for exactly one week. Have we finished unpacking? Hell, no. Let's see ... my job started up on Wednesday, when the semester commenced at College of San Mateo, and my partner's on Thursday. Hence we really had only one full day to unpack (Tuesday). We did make a big dent in the project. We continue to make dents. (Hmm. Maybe the word should be "dings.") Anyway. We hope to finish the job this weekend and hang pictures, which to me is that final touch of perfection, like putting icing on the cake.

We finally got cable TV and Internet when Comcast came by on Thursday (late, of course. They were supposed to be here by 3:00, but the guy didn't show up until my S.O. was home from work. But they promise we'll get a break on our bill for their tardiness. We'll see.) The Comcast guy was very cute and kept having to run down four flights of steps to his truck because various pieces of equipment weren't working. Finally my girl handed him a beer. That's her solution to all things stressful. (That, and bourbon, but that's another story.)

All worked well until yesterday. I'd just flicked on "Ellen" (which, interestingly, comes on at 10am in Spokane but 4pm in San Francisco) when suddenly I heard a crackle, and all went dead. No cable TV. No Internet. I called Comcast and got a recorded message telling me there were outages in my area, and technicians were working on it.

At around 6:30ish, I tried Comcast again because still nothing was working, and seriously, there hadn't been any earthquakes, thunderstorms, landslides, or major accidents nearby. This time I was routed to a real human being. He tried fixing the problem on his end to no avail. So lucky me! We were scheduled for a service call for today, anywhere between 10am and 2pm. (It was either that, or wait three hundred years for the next available slot.) This was a matter of concern to me since I teach from 8am until 10am, and it takes 20 mins to get home. But I went for it, figuring, "What are the chances they'll show up at 10?"

They didn't. Finally I heard a knock on my door at 1:30, and two fellas with enormous tool bags strapped around their waists were standing there grinning at me. "Comcast!" one says. I let them swagger on in, and he continued, "Go ahead and try your TV and computer. They should work now."

I did so, and they did!

"What was the problem?" I asked, as I leaned over their paperwork and signed off on the job. Obviously they'd been tinkering with connections outside.

"Human error."

"Ah." I stood up and handed them their papers, keeping my copy. "Well, thank you."

They left, and so I am leaving a note on the refrigerator for my sweetheart tonight with the moral of the story:


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