Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Weird Wimbledon

Amelie Mauresmo, last year's ladies' champion and my favorite French cherie, had a total meltdown today! What's up with that?! For every ace, she double faulted. Nicole Vaidisova, your basic rail-thin blonde shrimp, beat up on Mauresmo during the third set. Hey, it should've been the day for the lesbian to win--after all, Wimbledon was graced by a double rainbow in the sky during a break from the rain. Grrr.

And did anyone catch Serena Williams play yesterday? She was her usual domineering self until she caught a cramp in her calf. She tried pounding it out with her racquet, then went down to the ground, grimacing. I thought she'd have to pull out of the match because she stayed down a while, grunting, "ow, ow" as her trainer tried massaging the cramp out. I know that sucker hurt, because at one point, the camera zoomed in on her calf and I could actually see the knot. Ouch!

Finally she got to her feet and limped onto the court and pretty much stood there without returning any balls while her opponent quickly finished the set. Then the game was put on hold as the rain started coming down. An hour later, when the game recommenced, Serena showed up with both calves taped. She was still limping but finished the game and even managed to win. In my opinion, she deserves to take the title this year for that performance alone. UPDATE: 7/4: Serena lost today. Better luck next time, rock star.

(Postscript: Amelie, all is forgiven. We'll chalk up your meltdown to "a lack of return to form" since you must still be recovering from your appendectomy in March. But mostly, anybody with triceps like yours deserves forgiveness, more so than Scooter Libby.)

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