Sunday, July 15, 2007

Today's Racing

Lately, the local Fox Sports Network has been running an hour's worth of feed from TVG on Sundays. Today it's scheduled to air from 4:30- 5:30, after the Mariners game. Thus there should be two races aired from Emerald Downs, and two from Hollywood Park.

Here are my picks:

EM #6--Brainstorm with Gilgal
EM #7--Light My Ducks

HOL #8--Dr. Seacliff is a longshot, but a live one, but Enter Anon should take it with Winning Tactics
HOL #9--Fitz Flag with Stormin' Away

UPDATE: I hit Brainstorm (but Gilgal came in third, not second). Light My Ducks won it running away and was somewhat of a longshot so paid $14 and some change on a $2 bet. Enter Anon won with Dr. Seacliff! Arrgh! Wish I'd done that exacta. Actually I almost had the trifecta, but the 6 horse stuck his nose into third right at the finish Winning Tactics came in 4th. Finally, Fitz Flag won but Stormin' Away was nowhere near. Alas, close only counts in horsehoes, not in horse racing.

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