Friday, June 1, 2007

Pirate Master

I watched the first episode and will give the show a couple more chances, but I'm not sure this one is gonna hook me. In many ways, it's too much like Survivor, even down to the choice of contestants (anyone else see Reuben from Survivor: Panama whenever they look at Louie)? Then, finding the "treasure" is the same as a reward challenge. At the end of the episode, the captain singles out three of the pirates for elimination (with a black spot! Arrrgh! Shiver me timbers! Someone's read Treasure Island!) and the rest of the pirates votes one of them out. Eh. It's pretty much Survivor with a pirate theme.

Mostly I yawned my way through the episode, but the one thing that had me laughing was John, who identifies as a "Scientist/Erotic Dancer." ROFL He had a such a colossal ego it was almost frightening. ("Narcissist" would've been a better descriptor.) Perhaps instead of threatening the crew about having swiped their two compasses, he should've done a little pole dance and they would've let him stick around. I'm sure if I called up a certain acquaintance in Las Vegas, she'd be glad to lend him her tassles.

So far I'm going to root for the chick who's the Deputy District Attorney to win and be the "Pirate Master" (read: sole Survivor).

But by far my favorite Pirate Master can be found right here.


Capn Dyke said...

Me Sweet Hapless One, iffin ye an' me took on that crew there'd be not a one o'them left on ship by sunset.

Aye, I think ye be pretty sparklin' yerself. ;)

Joyce said...

Aye, let's be kickin' their arses, then.

But wait! I thought ye'd be roughin' me up first. ;-)