Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hillary Clinton Sopranos Parody

This is actually cute, and I voted in Hillary's "campaign song" contest. However, I voted for U2's "Beautiful Day," not the schmaltzy Celine Dion jingle that won. Hmm. Barack Obama continues to look better and better.


Spokane Al said...

Even giving my political leanings, I enjoyed the parody very much. And I agree with you on the song choice although U2 might be a bit too edgy for Hillary (or any other current presidential candidate - got to appeal to the masses you know).

As a Sopranos fan, I am also looking forward to the real thing (I am to cheap to subscribe to HBO and must wait until the episodes are available on Netflix).

Joyce said...

Al, I have never watched the Sopranos. I do understand the power of a cliffhanger, however. ;-)