Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bad At Blogging

I've been quiet lately ... it's not that I don't have opinions! But, I had a birthday on Thurs. and my partner has her birthday tomorrow (two Geminis--imagine! The four of us can never decide what to do). So we've been pretty much having a week- long party, wandering through downtown Spok-vegas and having appetizers and drinking. Thumbs up to Mizuna, our new favorite downtown cafe!

Feeling bloated, I did take a little time this morning to work out (legs, which is a short workout. Leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls, hip adduction/abduction, calf raises, leg presses again with calf presses, and then abs. (Always I do some kind of ab work.) I considered lunges, but my legs were already shaking, and there were three huge men I didn't know in the squat rack, and I got too shy to venture near, as the dumbbells and barbells are right there. And men who shrug six plates psych me out.

We went to Post Falls to watch the ponies this afternoon ... I ended up ahead, but poor Sweetie did not. Sometimes the horsies don't wanna run! However, when we got home and she checked her online account, she was up for the day. (I just read those last two sentences. Hmmm. Sounds like an addiction. No worries. We'll change up and start betting on golf before long.)


I'll post again soon, when we come up for air ...

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