Thursday, June 28, 2007

Angelina Jolie Newsflash

According to gossip columnist Mike Walker:
"Speaking of spousal fireworks, ANGELINA JOLIE took a break from filming her new flick “Wanted” in Prague, visited a sex shop called “Erotic City” and purchased two items – a black leather garter belt and…CRRAAACK!...a black riding crop!"
Oh yeah. I can think of worse things to think about.


Capn Dyke said...

InDEED, Me Naughty Tigger - inDEED!

Well held, btw. ;)

Joyce said...

But I was serious. How do I get that Spartacus thingy on my page? So that you can click on it and go to Shakes' new page? :::pathetic look:::

Besides,I've forgotten your email addy and have other news I don't wish to publish here (yet), so you might as well email me. Um, I mean, if you please.

Capn Dyke said...

Ye have melted Me Cold, Dark Heart (partially) with your pathetic look, Me Naughty Tigger.

Ye have been emailed as requested.

Yer most welcome.

Joyce said...

Eh, it was probably that photo of your lovely AJ.

Capn Dyke said...

My, but ye be most astute, Me Tigger.

Joyce said...

I'm betting she's the one spanking Brad, not Brad spanking her. LOL