Monday, May 14, 2007

Survivor: Fiji

Congratulations to Earl on his win (even though he'd likely agree Yao-Man deserved it more than anyone). But at least Earl was forthright during the final Tribal Council when Yao-Man asked him directly why he'd voted for Cassandra over him. I do believe Yao would agree Earl has "gonads," unlike Dreamz.

How disappointing a bullsh*tter Dreamz turned out to be. I can't really say I was stunned he turned out to be a liar and that his word is as good as dirt--actually, dirt is more useful--but I did feel bad for Yao. I wished Yao would stop taking responsibility for being duped. I don't believe for one second that Dreamz knew he was playing Yao when he accepted the truck-for-immunity deal. I believe he meant it when he accepted the deal. Nope, Mr. Tears Rolling Down His Cheeks once he realized money was more important to him than his own integrity, he didn't know he was going to renege on the deal until he caved at the last moment and actually did. But the only way he can live with himself is to pretend cockily he was a deliberate slimeball all along and was only "playing the game." What's pathetic is that now he's been uncovered as a big liar on national television, will go down in history as one (though we'll all forget who Dreamz even is in another season or so), and he still didn't get his million dollars. Why he'd even think anyone on the jury would vote for him after he so publicly stabbed Yao in the back is a mystery to me. I think Yao was being generous when he said Dreamz is an undisciplined thinker. LOL

Oh well. Enough indignation! I have to say I didn't understand the verbal thrashing Cassandra received by Alex and Lisi. Boy, talk about sore losers. Cassandra certainly didn't deserve to win, but what on earth did she do to incur wrath like that? Oh, right, it was her "swim shoes." ROFL! Actually, who would go on Survivor to Fiji and not have taken the time to learn to swim beforehand? And if not for whatever reason, at least try to learn while I'm there? Maybe Lisi's problem is that Cassandra's shoes were so clean, unscratched by coral or whatever?

Boo's thundering Christian sermon to Dreamz was also pretty hilarious. And Alex remarking that Dreamz, unlike him, will be a terrible role model for children had me holding my sides. That will remain to be seen.

All in all, though Yao-Man got shafted, it made for good television and I can't wait for Survivor: China. That'll be a nice change--I'm getting tired of tropical islands. In the meantime, we'll have that new pirate show. Oh, and Ghosthunters. I slurp this nonsense up!


rhondda said...

yay for Earl! but bummer for Yau-Man. :-(

Dreamz is, well, DREAMING, if he thinks he can convince us that he knew what he was doing throughout the entire game - including when he said that he knew that he wasn't going to hold up his end of the truck bargain. he was clearly making it up as he went along. i mean, i think he didn't until they were at the kids' school what the true impact of the deal was. it wasn't like he had some master plan about how he was going to betray Yau.

Burnett totally telegraphed Dreamz's reneging on the truck/immunity offer by showing Dreamz saying over and over again how he would keep his word, do the honorable thing, show his son what a real man was like, etc.

Alex sure had it out for Cassandra at the Final TC, didn't he? if he's a litigator, i hate to tell him that juries hate that kind of behavior.

was Cassandra really that horrible?! she just struck me as a nice person who was very lucky and who sucked at challenges. Lisi sure was hung up on her shoes for some reason! kinda petty for someone who wanted to QUIT THE FREAKIN' SHOW.

and what about when Lisi asked Dreamz how many zeros there were in 1 million dollars? when he answered, " you think I'm an idiot?", she actually looked over to the jury for confirmation - like, duh, she didn't know the freakin' answer! ROFLMAO...

Boo's "good Christian" speech didn't bother me - i saw his point, which was that Dreamz should have kept his word and Yau deserved to win.

congrats to Earl!

Joyce said...

Oh, Boo's "good Christian" speech didn't BOTHER me; it amused me. I mean, he said to Dreamz, and I quote: "You're an immature Christian." I thought that was dead on and took it to mean that what Dreamz says he believes and the credos he lives by are belied by his actions.

That's right about Lisi looking at the jury with exasperation. I actually thought she thought Dreamz was wrong and that there aren't 6 zeros in a million. In which case ... the joke's on her. But who really knows what's in Lisi's head, other than Lisi? LOL

Spokane Al said...

Each season I am amazed at the bitter anamosity of the other players at the final session before voting for the winner.

I would think that perhaps they might consider that they are on national television and perhaps if they came across as a bit better players and humans, they may have other doors and other opportunities available to them.

Instead we have angry, vindictive people who will fade away into obscurity and like you mentioned, they will not be remembered two weeks from now, let alone next season.

Joyce said...

I guess some folks will take attention however they can get it.

Anonymous said...

Cassandra might have had a lot of luck, but she wasn't dumb in any sense. Look at the challenge where they had to answer questions and guess what the rest of the tribe thought about each person. Cassandra nailed every single question. And then for reward, she didn't just bring her alliance. She brought people on the outside to try and cozy them in. Cassandra was understated, but she listened extremely well.

Joyce said...

Boy, it's been so long that I saw that season of Survivor, I'd had to go back and view it again to even see if I concur. In one way of looking at it, anybody who wins deserves to win just because they got there. And I don't recall that she ever played a "dirty" game, and there's a lot to be said for that.

I lived in Spokane, WA, when that season aired, and now I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, where (I think) Cassandra lives--maybe across the Bay? Not sure. In any case, she's one of my local girls now, so I can't be dissin on her. ;-)