Friday, May 11, 2007

Survivor: Fiji

Good job, Yao-Man, in deciding to play your hidden immunity idol. Dreamz and Cassandra turned on you, so your "bad vibes" sense was right on. Now the question will be how truthful Dreamz will turn out to be if he happens to win immunity at the Final Four. (Wasn't it funny watching Dreamz slowly come to realize, after he'd made the agreement to give away any potential immunity for the truck, that he'd pretty much sealed his fate in losing the game?) Ah, but that's what he gets for not honoring the "Survivor Car Curse"--anybody who gets the car doesn't win the whole game.

Of course, this doesn't mean Yao-Man will benefit. If Boo wins immunity again, the rest of them could vote Yao-Man out, knowing full well he doesn't have another idol. (And will Earl save Yao's butt by giving him his, even though Yao told him how to find it?)

At this point, the players are thinking of whom they want to be sitting next to if they make it to the final two. Nobody wants it to be Yao, who, hands down, deserves to win the game more than any of the players. I'm not sure anybody really wants to be sitting next to Earl, either, or Boo (Earl deserves to win because of his wits; Boo would deserve to win because of his physical prowess in winning immunity challenges.) I doubt anyone thinks Cassandra or Dreamz deserves to win ... Dreamz is too annoyingly dim-witted, and Cassandra has stayed in the game solely because she's been riding the coattails of those in her alliance. She's got to be one of the worst players in recent memory when it comes to the physical challenges. Thus any smart player is going to want to be sitting next to Dreamz or Cassandra. It would be hard for anyone on the jury to cast a "win" vote for either of those two.

Indeed, it would be highly entertaining to hear Dreamz trying to convince the jury why he deserves to win.

The game concludes this Sunday night, so stay tuned. I'm rooting for either Earl or Yao.


rhondda said...

God, i was screaming at the TV last night: "Play the hidden immunity idol, Yao!" Burnett certainly strung out the tension last night by making it seem like Yao wouldn't play the HII. Yao is really a great player - very perceptive.

Cassandra doesn't even try anymore in challenges. i'm sure they're all exhausted, but she probably realizes, "why bother? i'm under the radar, so no one will vote for me."

funny how Jeff *didn't* bring up the Survivor Car Curse at all last night (he didn't, right?) - you'd think he would have done so after Yao gave the truck to Dreamz.

BTW, it's going to be a "Final 3" again this year. you can tell by how many people are left on the jury - Rocky, Lisi, Michelle, Edguardo, Mookie, Alex and Stacy - and who's left in the game - Earl, Yao, Dreamz, Cassandra and Boo. they have to have an odd number of people on the jury so they can't tie.

Joyce said...

That's right, I'd forgotten about the Final 3. Well, if Boo's part of the mix, say against Dreamz or Cassandra, then I'm gonna root for him.

I just hate it when someone wins (remember Vecepia?) who didn't even remotely deserve to win the game.