Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Harry Connick, Jr. Worked Out At My Gym

... And he's actually a pretty buff dude! He brought in his own personal trainer, of course. THAT guy was enormous. He looked like a younger version of Charles Glass (for you bodybuilders out there). He had dreads down to his hips practically, and biceps the size of footballs! It looked like he gave Harry a decent workout. I was making a concerted effort to not stare, but sometimes I couldn't help following what they were doing because at one point, I was sitting right next to them when I was in front of the free weight rack, doing Arnold presses with hammer curls. Later on, Harry was at the preacher bench (he commenced with a 45-lb plate, in case you're interested), and I was at the pec machine doing reverse flyes, so, I was directly facing him and he was 5 feet away. No worries, he's not a wimp. His trainer added another 25 lb plate and he curled those too (well ... with a little help from his trainer through the sticking points).

That's the cool thing about my gym. We get the celebrities when they come into town. (Brad Paisley apparently came into our gym last week, but I missed that one as he came in when I wasn't working.) 'Cause the truth is, have you ever seen a hotel gym that was worth anything?

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that only one gym member came up to Harry to fawn and say hello and disturb his workout. Harry was gracious, but I was glad no one else did that. Celebrities are harassed enough as it is.

Harry's music isn't really my cup of tea, but I think he's a talented actor (man, he can play a hillbilly psycho like nobody else!) and I do like his Christmas album. And he's cute (and this comes from a gal who plays for the other team.)

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