Saturday, May 5, 2007

Betting Time!

OK, here's a Pick 3 commencing with the 8th race:

8: 1 (Pussycat Doll)
9: 2, 5, 6 (Icy Atlantic, Better Talk Now, and Einstein)
10: 2, 7 (Curlin and Street Sense)

UPDATE: Pussycat Doll came in second. LOL! And, arrgh, to be beaten by Hysterical Lady, which is a NoCal horse, with Jerry Hollendorfer as trainer! Reminds me of Russell Baze winning on Tricky Trevor last year on Derby Day for him. (And then Cause to Believe was nothing to believe in, in the Derby.)

KENTUCKY DERBY UPDATE: Doug O'Neill has said he's sending Liquidity out as "the rabbit." Gulp! Last time that was a clear strategy, it was Spanish Chestnut who bolted, and the pace fell apart...and a 50-1 longshot, Giacomo, came up and won. There are three good closers on the outside: Great Hunter (O'Neill's other horse, so that explains his strategy), Any Given Saturday, and Circular Quay.

I have a futures bet on Circular Quay, so no need to add to that, but I just may bet Any Given Saturday across the board, esp. since Garrett Gomez is aboard and he is simply a great jockey. And it's another of Pletcher's horses.

I do think boxing all speed is a bad idea at this point since horses like Hard Spun, Teuflesberg, and Stormello are bound to not let Liquidity get too far ahead. So the pace might be crazy.

Dang! Throw a coin up in the air and let it come down. There's your horse. ;-)

(But see below for my favorite horses. Add Any Given Sat and Tiago as closers and then mix 'em up however you like.)

Good luck!

UPDATE: OK, here's some goofy stuff I did: 6-14 exacta box 'cause that's my birthday! 14-7-16 trifecta box because I like all three horses (Scat Daddy, Street Sense, and Circular Quay). A show bet on the 10, Teuflesberg, because his trainer is a woman and it's her first Kentucky Derby.

I had futures bets on Scat Daddy, Circular Quay, Sam P., and anyone not in the second pool field (eh), so I added a few "win" bets: Curlin (2), Hard Spun (8), Nobiz Like Shobiz (12), and Street Sense (7).

And then my significant other and I marked pennies with numbers and tossed them into a hat, shook 'em up, and pulled numbers out. We did ten such dollar bets. These are totally random and so if one hits, it ain't 'cause we 'capped well. But it's like a lottery ticket and they pay, and the odds are ... um...well, better than Mega Millions, that's for sure.

My fingers are crossed. So are my eyes. ;-)

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