Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Barry Bonds Dilemma

I'm torn. On the one hand, who doesn't like the excitement of a record being broken? Hank Aaron's been the home run king for some time now. Add to that the fact that I've been to a couple of opening days at Giants Stadium (or Pacbell Park, or AT&T Park, or whatever they're calling it now) and I've seen Barry play ... well, part of me wants to see him slug 12 more out of the park and take the record.

But then the man's basic nastiness as a human being tamps that desire right on down. He's narcissistic, and he's a cheater. Possessing a colossal ego and sense of entitlement, he lets people (e.g., Greg Anderson) take the fall for him. He's played us all for fools (hello, Mr. Barry? Just compare a photo of you when you were a beanpole Pirate to a photo of you as a Giant, all juiced up on testosterone and human growth hormone, and only someone in the throes of denial wouldn't agree you were injecting illegal substances). But if you'd owned up to it right off the bat, people would've probably already forgiven you by now. Fans are amazingly generous of heart. But noooooooo! You were afraid if you 'fessed up, you'd forever have that little asterisk by your records, including the home run record you so crave.

It's all of this that makes it so hard for me to want to see Barry Bonds get the record. But, with only 12 to go, he probably will within the next month or so. When it happens, I might even clap and go, "Whoohoo!" Still, the asterisk will always be there, at least in my own mental records book, and I'm pretty sure it'll be there in most other folks' books as well.

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