Thursday, May 3, 2007

American Idol

They're down to the final four in American Idol, and thank goodness, all four actually deserve to be there. Last night, Chris "Nasal Man" and Phil "Baldo" got the axe. Remaining are Jordan, Melinda, Blake, and Lakisha. Who deserves to win? Melinda Doolittle, naturally. In terms of vocal talent,she's head and shoulders above the rest. But she still looks like Shrek without a neck! And unless you're a guy (think Ruben Studdard), Americans don't like overweight female singers (unless you're older, such as Aretha Franklin or Patti LaBelle), so I think we can assume Lakisha won't win, either, unless there's some sort of Jennifer Hudson "Dreamgirls" fallout. So I won't fall over in a dead faint if Jordan or Blake wins.

Still, Melinda deserves it.

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