Friday, April 20, 2007

Survivor: Fiji

Later, gator, to Edgardo. Pity, 'cause I kinda liked him.

Dreamz is playing both sides of the fence so painfully obviously that it's bound to get him in the end. Stacey has proven she'll also go with whatever alliance is larger than hers. Since both of them are so easily turned, it's not looking good for Alex (who has now wasted the immunity idol) and Mookie.

However, apparently once an immunity idol is played, another one is hidden to be found. So, somebody could get lucky. I'm still waiting for someone to find the fake immunity idol that Yau-Man hid. But my memory's rusty now ... did he hide it on the beach they're currently at, or on the other one?

Which reminds me: the current tribe name of Bula Bula. Everytime I hear that, I go off into gales of hysterics. It just reminds me of something right out of an old Hanna Barbera cartoon or something, in which the cannibal runs up to the marooned explorer and goes: "Bula Bula!" (If only we'd all known then that all it meant was "hello." As a child, I always thought it meant something like, "Boy, your head looks delicious, and I can't wait to boil you and eat your ears.")

Back to Survivor. I'm liking the Earl, Cassandra, and Yao-Man alliance. If they can rely on Stacey to not flake on them, their next best move might be to get rid of Dreamz since he can't really be trusted. But Mookie, Alex, Dreamz, and Stacey could just as easily ally and do something akin to last night: they could fool Yao-Man, for example, into thinking they're targeting Earl, and then take out Cassandra. So next week should be pretty interesting.


Earl the Pearl said...

The Yao-man fake idol is hidden on the OTHER beach... but that would be cool if Alex found it and played it - take that Bee-otch!!!

Go Earl!!!!

Joyce said...

Earl do da mean dance. ;-)