Friday, April 6, 2007

Survivor: Fiji

Bye bye, Lisi! No shedding of tears here.

I will say this: Edgardo, Alex, and Mookie all screwed Lisi over with the immunity idol. She gave them the clues to find it in hopes of tightening her alliance with them, but when they found it, they didn't tell her they had. Instead, they kicked her off.

Ah, karma.


rhondda said...

yeah, i was pretty happy she got the boot. she was a freak. "challenges don't mean anything"?!? WTF? since when? what version of Survivor has she seen before?

you need to win immunity challenges so you can keep your numbers up. duh. it's pretty basic math.

again, just like last week's booting, the only bad thing is that she's on the jury. i expect her questioning of the final 3 (based on the numbers of contestants left in Moto and Ravu and who's in the jury, i'm assuming they're doing a "final 3" again) will be just as schizophrenic.

i'm loving Earl and Yao-man more and more every week. Earl was fierce in his Reward Challenge dance. i was literally cheering for him last night!

Joyce said...

Well, I think Lisi is a former punk rocker (with some fame in France? Um, yeah, they also like Jerry Lewis over dere), who is a customer sales rep for a psychic hotline. So for sure she's not yer run-o-the-mill everyday stable gal. But like Sue Hawk, she just might be fun on a jury. Makes for great television. LOL

I thought Earl really stepped up to the plate and took that challenge seriously! He looked awesome doing that dance. And Yao-Man cracked me up showing everybody how to throw a spear and shoot a bow & arrow. That skinny guy is a fiercer warrior than the buff dudes.

Whom d'ya like for the Final Four, Rhondda? I'm thinking Yao-Man, Earl, Edgardo, and maybe Michelle (she's my favorite of the women, anyway). But Alex is okay (though who needs a repeat of Yul?), and so is Dreamz (though for sure he needs to learn to shut his yap). Cassandra is second choice for female.