Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Signs of the Apocalypse

Wow. Gay skinheads. Read about it here.

I dunno. Sometimes the leather crowd looks like it fetishizes hate and violence, but the S/M guys and gals I've met are more about playing erotically with exchanges of power, and they're not out to actually hurt anybody. Walk through the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco every September, and you'll see some bizarre things from straights, bis, and gays alike, but you'll also meet some of the nicest, most accepting people around. I always thought that anyone who's oppressed in any way would be able to intellectually transfer an understanding of that kind of injustice to any other oppressed group. "Gay skinhead" is an oxymoron that simply makes no sense to me, and I hope this is a very tiny, fringe element.

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