Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In Preparation for Kentucky Derby Day...

I did several futures bets in the second pool this year. I have $7 on Circular Quay; $5 on Sam P. (bad bet since he ended up stinking in the Santa Anita Derby); $5 on any horse who wins the Kentucky Derby that wasn't in the second pool field (probably my best bet! LOL);
and $5 on Scat Daddy (pictured here). At the time I made the bet, I thought it was a reach, but I bet him anyway for sentimental reasons since I won money on him a couple times when he was a two year-old. But he's on the improve again, so that bodes well, and he gets Edgar Prado as his jockey, and you just can't hope for better than Barbaro's jockey. (The extra $2 on Circular Quay t'was fer me Cap'n, who promises grog all 'round if'n th'horse wins.)

But that's not a picture of grog! That's a picture of a mint julep ... Because you must have mint juleps on Derby Day. Problem is, I'm not fond of bourbon (although my significant other is).

Consequently, it's a challenge for a bartender to make me a mint julep that I'll like. So, here are the keys: (1) Choose a good bourbon. Maker's Mark, Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek, and Blanton's are the ones that can go down my throat without making me feel like I just swallowed lighter fluid. (2) Use lots of crushed ice. At the outset, you should be pouring simple syrup and bourbon over a snowcone in a glass. Really. (3) Use lots of fresh mint steeped in a syrup that's not too sweet.

Maybe I'll print out a good recipe and give it to Eli ahead of time (he's our awesome 'tender at the Steam Plant). But I can't have too many of the darn things or else I won't be able to run Bloomsday the next day.

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