Monday, April 23, 2007

Flippin' Unbelievable

Now I've heard it all. Certain pundits (among them Camille Paglia, with whom I sometimes actually agree, almost to my horror) are now suggesting that Cho Seung-hui went on his murderous rampage at Virginia Tech because of feminism! Yessirree, the problem, they say, with American culture is an increasingly "feminised society" and a lack of male role models within the home. This leaves young men with a crisis of confidence in their own masculinity, forcing them to overcompensate for their wussiness, seeking out "masculine" things such as guns, knives, listening to violent music/gangsta rap, and glorifying violent sexual acts because they crave women but can't get them. So, frustrated in their quest for manliness, they explode in anger and go on rampages.

This is the fault of feminists? Sounds like garden-variety misogyny to me.

But in Cho Seung-hui's case, I'd say it's probably the simple fact that the boy was unhinged, depressed, and delusional. He'd been mentally unstable for years. Let's blame this one on untreated mental illness, folks.

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