Thursday, April 26, 2007

American Idol

American Idol was a rip-off last night: no one got kicked off! I had to endure two hours of horrible schmaltz--well, most of it was pretty hokey. I didn't mind the charity aspect of the program (I'm all for that), but the performances were positively horrid. A song would start, I'd listen for several lines, flinch, then punch the "MUTE" button. (One can stand "We Are the World" or a melodic facsimile thereof only so many times.) By far the most ridiculous thing was the "duet" with Elvis Presley (what was that? a hologram?!) and Celine Dion.

So after all of that, no one gets the hook. Dang! Apparently this week's votes will be combined with next week's votes, and the bottom two will get knocked out.


Anonymous said...

re: "what was that? a hologram?"

No, Celine did one prerecorded session in the AI studio that was later mixed to show her with Elvis using simple green-screen technology. The Elvis video was from his late 60s TV special.

Then, for the live show, they had her come out with an Elvis look-alike, and periodically showed them either from a distance or from behind etc so you wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't Elvis (lol)...

The hardest part was probably to keep the prerecorded version and live coverage in synch as they cut back and forth between the two versions.

Just my 2 cents. :)

Joyce said...

Fascinating. I suppose they pulled it off well, though I'm hoping nobody out there thought it was the real Elvis. ;-)