Wednesday, April 18, 2007

American Idol

Okay, peeps. If Sanjaya doesn't get the big boot after last night's butchering of Bonnie Raitt's "Let's Give Em Something to Talk About," then I will personally join Fred Phelps' Evil Evil Church.

(OK, not really. But Sanjaya did destroy that song. Bonnie Raitt, if she watched the show, poor thing, was probably grinding her teeth and tempted to take a big swig out of a whiskey bottle. Good thing she gave up drankin'.)

Impressive were Jordan and Melinda Doolittle. Which reminds me....separated at birth?


flash29 said...

Uh, Joyce, Bonnie Raitt may have made the song famous but it was written by Shirley Eikhard. I'm pretty sure that somewhere in my vast bootleg collection, I have a version of them doing the song together.

The last time I saw Raitt, she and Keb' Mo' did "Angel from Montgomery" (a John Prine song) together. One of the greatest single concert moments ever. I can die happy.

Joyce said...

I guess it depends on who you think does the best cover of the song--I always associate "Angel from Montgomery" with Susan Tedeschi. Actually, does Bonnie Raitt write any of her own songs? It seems to me I saw an artist named Bonnie...Um....Something, whose brother played guitar in Huey Lewis's band. She'd written two of Bonnie Raitt's hits, if memory serves.

Now it's gonna drive me nuts until I remember the woman's last name. Friendly, great smile, totally checked me out (I was breaking in a new pair of leather pants :-))....

rhondda said...

Bonnie Hayes wrote Love Letter, which was one of Bonnie Raitt's big hits. was she the one checking you out, Joyce? ;-)

Joyce said...

YES! Bonnie Hayes! I was at the concert with a friend (this was at the Little Fox, believe it or not) and Bonnie Hayes offered me an autograph after her set. Usually it's the other way around. ;-)

Later on I heard she likes women. I wasn't surprised. :-)

flash29 said...

Tedeschi does a good cover of "Angel from Montgomery" but I still prefer Raitt's. I've been a Raitt fan for a long time.

Several years ago somebody on the Etheridge list wrote that Raitt wrote most of her songs. I looked at all my Raitt albums (most or all up to that point) and at that point in time she'd written something like 10 of the 85 songs she'd recorded. So she writes some but not most of her songs. She just steals from the best - Richard Thompson, John Hiatt, John Prine.

Joyce said...

Well, wasn't her dad a singer? Nothing wrong with performing others' songs, esp. when they're good ones.

I have always admired Bonnie Raitt because she plays a great slide guitar. There's her niche. I can't say the same thing about any other female musician. She has a truly blessed understanding of how to play the blues.

Hmm. My word verification says, "augflu." It's almost a word. ;-)

rhondda said...

Keb Mo was the opening act the last time i saw Bonnie Raitt (Warfield in SF several years ago). i can't recall for the life of me if they did a duet on Angel from Montgomery, though.

i know Bonnie sang the song, though, because i was sooooo pissed off at the drunk bozo in the SRO area across the aisle from where i was standing who was chatting so loudly during her performance that several people told him to STFU (including me). even his GF was PO'ed at him.


John and i saw Bonnie Hayes perform eons ago at a benefit for Blue Bear School of Music. she's awesome!

Joyce said...

I know I enjoyed her performance since I remembered details about her. (There have been so many, um, artists who come and go.) You'd also think, having lived in the SF Bay Area for 7 years, I'd at least have managed to see Bonnie Raitt live, but it simply never happened. Occasionally she'd pop up onstage with other artists, but it never happened to me ::pouting::

Hmm. Well, maybe she showed up at Lilith Fair the year I saw it at Shoreline, but I was too busy laughing at Alma getting her panties signed by the one of the bands' lead singers, and by Lynn stammering when she met the lead singer of K's Choice (Sarah...? I want to say Bottoms. That can't be?)

My memory is so rusty. I also recall standing in line with you, Rhondda, in a tent at Lilith Fair (maybe the next year?) and buying a CD signed by Chrissie Hynde. SCORE!!!! :-)

flash29 said...

Bonnie Raitt's dad was an actor/singer. He toured with musicals - Oklahoma, Carousel. I think he was in the film version of "Pajama Game". My parents have a lot of soundtrack albums; I was listening to John long before I heard of Bonnie. She took her dad on the road with her one tour and they did "Oklahoma".

Keb' Mo' opened for Bonnie last year. I think they did different songs together at different shows. At Bluesfest, she came out at the end of his set and did a couple of songs and he came out at the end of her set and did "Angel". I have the Toronto show (the next night a couple of nights later) and they didn't do "Angel" but did some other songs together.

The verification word is "hdttpvqg". May I buy a vowel?