Friday, March 16, 2007

Too Immoral for Military Service, Eh?

Kudos to Pam over at Pandagon.


Spokane Al said...

While I don't support the general's words, I do hope we can remember that this is a warrior who has spent his entire adult life protecting us and this great country. We know that changing a person's heart is difficult if not often impossible, and that is why we have laws. Never once did the general ever say he would not support the laws and policies that the congress and the president enacted. The military does not establish policy, it impliments and I think this general has proven over decades of service that he truly is a great American and the right man for the job.

Joyce said...

Absolutely, Al. (It's just too bad Pace doesn't think gays are fabulous!) In all seriousness, I also have this to say: at least General Pace is honest about what he thinks. In response to the General's comments, when asked by news media, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama dodged the direct question: "Do you think homosexuality is immoral?" They hemmed and hawed. John Edwards is the only one with the guts to actually say "No." (Nonetheless he's a religious man who can't get behind gay marriage; civil unions, by all means, he says. He doesn't support discrimination.)

Hillary is seriously losing points with me; Obama is next; John Edwards is looking best among the current choices today ... I still wish Al Gore would run.

There's a man who fought in Vietnam for his country despite being opposed to the war.