Friday, March 30, 2007

Survivor: Fiji

Hooray! Last night justice was finally done. James ‘Rocky’ Reid, the 28-year-old loud-mouthed bartender from Los Angeles, was ousted by his boys. As the end credits rolled, he pouted and spit into the camera: “I’m extremely pissed off; I’m angry.” Poor baby.

I'm glad the new Ravu realized Rocky was a total ass. But I think Rocky clinched his own fate by making fun of his tribemates after they won the reward challenge. Hey, if you chow down on hotdogs, brownies, and beer, you're not exactly gonna feel good. Rocky decided to jeer at them for being little girly-men, saying, “And if you can’t take stuff like that here, you shouldn’t be here.”

Guess they decided YOU shouldn't be here. Bye bye, Rocky.

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rhondda said...

yay! thank the fates! i actually yelled in joy when the votes were read.

i HATED Rocky. i was soooo hoping they would vote him off last week after his bullying tirade of Anthony at Tribal Council, but the boys probably felt they had to stick with their original plan.

Rocky was such a prick - belittling men who didn't fit into his narrow view of what men should be and denigrating his female tribe mates.

the only *bad* thing is he's a member of the jury. bleck.